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Good Credit

IF you have a good credit score we can usually get you a better car credit deal than your bank will offer.

Banks will only lend money if you have a perfect record with credit reference agencies.

But if you do enjoy a good credit score you should make the most of it – by NOT borrowing from a bank.

We have dozens of lenders fighting for your business – and they are all prepared to fight harder than the High Street banks.

This means they will lend you money to buy a car at a lower interest rate than that charged by banks.

To find out what sort of interest rate we can get you for a car loan simply enter your details here.

The interest rate you will be offered by any lender depends on your credit score. If it is good the lender will see you as less of a risk and therefore you will pay less for your loan.

Many people have a better credit score than they realise. People make many assumptions about what will affect the way they are seen by the credit reference agencies.

Actually, there are many things which affect this rating in a positive way, if you are a homeowner, your postcode and whether or not you have a landline are all things which may be considered.

To find out how credit reference agencies rate you and what rate our lenders will offer you for a car loan, simply enter your details here.